THWP serves approximately 40 clients annually. Duration of service averages 6 months to 1 year for our residents. Weekly activities and trainings are offered to develop resident skill sets and abilities. The intended impact is to strengthen the lives of our clients by offering three areas of service: housing, case management, and social networking. We believe that clients who manage their medication, develop life skills, and maintain healthy relationships full of support, guidance, and encouragement develop into healthy and productive citizens.



Tackling the Issue

Promote a Sense of Physical, Social and Emotional Safety.

Residents must feel as though their environment will protect them from harm.

They must also feel valued and accepted by the group.

Collaborate with local health care practices and mental health agencies, members from the community, who support, uplift, and educate our residents.

Offer case management and problem-solving opportunities to participants.

Encourage Relationship Building. Residents need many supportive long-term relationships to help them navigate through life. They need guidance from caring adults as well as emotional and practical support from their peers.

Case Manager and Residents meet weekly to discuss progress and maintain growth plan.

Clients engage with fellow residents on a daily basis- particularly during meal times and group trainings to build, encourage, and empower one another.

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Making a Difference

Residents must have an active role, voice and choice in shaping their experiences. They must have the opportunity to practice and develop leadership skills, and they must know their contributions are valuable.

Case Management Services include:

  • Personal goal- setting- each client create goals

  • Develop resident skill sets and abilities through trainings and support

  •  Job Search support and employment skills trainings

  •  Provide Opportunities for Building Purpose

Residents must live purposefully and contribute in meaningful ways. Creating opportunities for clients to become involved in the community and for community members to interact with them is a powerful way to foster a sense of purpose and develop positive values.

Work with residents to restore hope and self-dignity by providing quality housing and skill building services that support the client personally and socially.

Engage in Learning Experiences that Build Valuable Life Skills.

Residents need opportunities for experiential learning that will help them build skills needed to succeed in every area of life.

Group training sessions to guide residents as they navigate through life experiences and teach effective skills in working better with family, friends, and peers

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